ICH is a new international council created to represent practitioners of homeopathy and to promote homeopathic treatment for patients around the World. Created at the end of 2007 the Council currently has a membership of 30 professional associations in 28 countries and is growing. The creation of this council is an expression of how homeopathy and the homeopathy profession is spreading and developing around the World.

The growth in homeopathy's popularity is driven by patient demand. Conventional medicine, while effective in many areas, has its therapeutic limits and patients are increasingly turning to more person-centred, effective, low risk approaches to dealing with their health problems. Homeopathy can complement conventional treatment when it is necessary, or act as an alternative form of treatment in many cases of ill-health.

Homeopathy's popularity has grown to such a point that recently it has begun to be attacked by a small organised group of sceptics. Claiming to do it because of a lack of scientific validity, the suspicion is that there are other motives and interests afoot.

It is true to say homeopathy does not fit into the framework of the predominant model of molecular medicine that is delivered through conventional pharmaceuticals. With  homeopathic medicines something different is going on. This needs to be investigated appropriately in ways that can assess what the mechanism of action is when a homeopathic medicine interacts with a living organism - human, animal or plant prescribed according to the similarity principle that underpins homeopathic treatment.

ICH will work to promote further appropriate research into homeopathy so that new knowledge will overcome the proclaimed basis of the sceptic attacks. The assault is almost a repeat of what happened in the USA a hundred years ago when the conventional medical establishment took advantage of homeopathy's factionalisation at the time to undermine it. For that reason too ICH's unifying influence is important at this time in homeopathy's recrudescence.

Membership of ICH is open to any national professional association or register of homeopaths in any country of the world. For a set of application documents please email the Secretariat at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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